Feet up

Jim Hughes's home page

"Move right along, nothing to see..."

Ok, that's far too true of this page, so in the mean time feel free to entertain yourself reading Jim's weblog. It's mainly just a place to vent and brain dump various links or memes for future reference.

Biographical information

Jim Hughes is a senior developer for a consultancy working in the City of London. He has over twenty years experience in the financial market place and his specialities include developing derivative trading systems, and interfacing to exchanges and financial data feeds.

Jim lives near the sea in Whitstable in the UK.

This is Jim's personal home page, and any views expressed are his and not necessarily those of his employers or clients.

Jim can be contacted via the following method:

Why "Feet up"?

Apart from the obvious retort of "why not", I was looking for a simple phrase that reflected the laid-back relaxed approach that I like to take to life, perhaps I found it...