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Old Style Business

For a supposedly Cluetrain savvy operation, Business 2.0 have a decidely old-school approach to distribution, now maybe their subscription model makes sense if you're an American resident and you enjoy wasting natural resources like paper and ink. Quite why they seem unable to provide internet only access to their content is beyond me. Even Americans like Jeremy Zawodny are frustrated by the current lunacy.

Anyway Dave and Martin have decided enough is enough and started an online petition to hopefully persuade Business 2.0 to see the errors of their ways. Sign it and spread the word folks.

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SvenCentral Rocks!

Viking Five the movie
I've watched The Viking Five, a stop-motion Playmobil movie a few times, good script, great pictures and very funny. But their newer film Bloody Snow is even better, a violent (but funny) Western, again with the cute Playmobil characters.

Two very cool things with these films, one is that you can now buy them on DVD/CD for playing on your PC and TV, giving Sven and his chums some well deserved funds for their efforts.

The second neat thing is that Nokia's Multimedia Convertor happily converts QuickTime movies into 3GPP format for playing on a mobile phone, so the 3650 is now carrying two great comedy movies!

Update 2004-01-13: Sven currently has some hosting problems - details here.

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Mobitopian Ale

Sendo X - Evolve Yourself
I'm off for a beer tomorrow night for yet another Mobitopia/AAS London pub meet, the splendid All About Symbian chaps have managed to invite along Sendo who should be showing off their new shiny Sendo X Symbian phone.

Cool! The first global showing of the Sendo X in public, I also hear rumours of an SX-1 in attendance, but it won't be the first time I've seen one in that pub :-)

The venue is the Dover Castle in Weymouth Mews from about 6:30 in the evening until closing time, more details here on AAS, and here on Mobitopia.

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The King is Dead, long live the King

Concorde coming in to land over Filton, Bristol
As the final Concorde flight lands plans are being made for a possible successor.

Life goes in cycles, bring it on!

[Wed, 26 Nov 2003 14:00] | [tech] | #

Nokia and Mobile Multimedia

Tiny pic of a Nokia 7700 I missed the Nokia 2003 Capital Market Days, Enterprise Solutions [pdf] and Driving Consumer Multimedia sessions over the last few days, fortunately Matt Croydon has done a cracking job of summarising the whole lot.

I've just one minor complaint, he says: "this is good, since I'm a one man 7700 fanclub", well actually Matt, you can count me as a member of that club too. Although maybe more as a member of the Series 90 fanclub than just the 7700, but a fan none the less.

[Wed, 26 Nov 2003 13:12] | [mobile] | #

Wiki love

I just love Wikis.

I'm really chuffed that Rafe and Ewan have decided to use Wiki technology for documention of OPL language and Symbian devices. Wikis are just great for this, simple to modify, easy to correct and annotate, and it's trivial to link together a whole web of pages.

The LOAF and FOAF social software projects make extensive use of Wikis, but some of the best examples of Wiki use I've seen are not computer related: Wikipedia, Wiktionary and the Open Guide to London are just superb resources.

[Mon, 24 Nov 2003 21:27] | [tech] | #

The Tim Man cometh

Agustin Delgado playing football!

He's back!

After performing as football's equivalent of the invisible man for the past two or so seasons, Agustin Delgado came on as a substitute against Chelski on Saturday and he's also playing for the reserves tonight.

Excellent stuff, if he turns out to be half as prolific as his past record suggests we'll have a strike force capable of getting us into Europe again next season.

[Mon, 24 Nov 2003 17:47] | [football] | #

When I was 2...

Martin Johnson with the William Webb Ellis trophy, an ugly thing and a rugby player...

We won the World Cup.

Well blow me down, we've done it again! There's just the cricket World Cup to go and we'll have collected the full set :-)

[Mon, 24 Nov 2003 13:43] | [football] | #

Euro 2004 dreams over for some

Weds night was bad news for Scottish and Welsh football fans, but a cracking result for Southampton's Latvian superstar Marian Pahars as Latvia knocked out Turkey to reach the finals in Portugal next summer.

I'd been extolling Latvia's chances all day, but never got around to putting any money on the game, doh...

[Fri, 21 Nov 2003 09:28] | [football] | #

Chicken George?

George Bush apparantly landed in the UK a few days ago, lots of media coverage but very little visibility on the streets. Instead he's skulking around in Royal palaces like a Third World dictator, a human rights violator or a war criminal, funny that. Then again he's well known for hiding up.

A Breakfast TV reporter said that Bush had pulled out of an engagement on Wednesday morning due to rain, and then added "It's not currently raining, and there is none forecast." Which I guess sums up the lies and bullshit of the whole visit.

Please note this post isn't intended to be anti-American just anti-Bush and 99% of everything he believes in. And if you did vote for Bush, well, I'd blame the voting machines.

A US citizen said to me yesterday "Can you please keep Bush, we don't need him back" - but he didn't want to be named as he didn't fancy spending the foreseeable future holidaying in Cuba. The TV news has shown many of the anti-Bush demonstrations, I was amused by one banner reading "Bush go home and take Blair with you", I wonder if Saint Helena still has "holiday homes" for unwanted heads of state?

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I guess you've seen many urls of this sort of format http://smallurl.com?i=4702. Dead useful, but a tad obfuscated. It was suggested in #foaf that something like http://smallurl.org/FSFEaseMSPatentFears where the Url was constructed from the page title or similar would be rather cool.

Lo and behold, an hour or so later SmallUrl.org has been registered and the project's started!

In the meantime there's a good round-up of the existing url shortening services at notlong.com.

[Thu, 20 Nov 2003 13:06] | [tech] | #

Chasing Bush

I've got a full-on "Bush in the UK" rant simmering on the back burner whilst I look for an industrial strength expletive deleter, in the mean time here's some light music:

[Thu, 20 Nov 2003 12:54] | [rants] | #

Yet another AAS Pub Meet - in RDF!

Thanks to the RDF-tastic RDFical-a-matic I've encoded some of the AAS pub meet info in RDF.

I've been meaning to play with RDF and iCal for a while, so here's the first time in anger...

I've put the results in http://feetup.org/RDFical.rdf and if it's easy enough to tinker with I might well use this for some more iCal related tomfoolery.

[Wed, 19 Nov 2003 13:36] | [RDF] | #

Yet another AAS Pub Meet

The All About Symbian chaps have another pub meet arranged for Friday 28th November at The Dover Castle.

I'm sworn to secrecy, but if the mystery guest speakers turn out to be who I think they are it'll be a Symbian-tastic evening. The last meet was the first time I'd played with a Nokia 6600, I wonder what cool new phones will be there this time?

[Wed, 19 Nov 2003 13:12] | [mobile] | #


Well Diego, it looks like Bryan's boys got their comeuppance last night...

3-0 nice! Now we just need Scotland and Wales to pull out some good results tonight.

[Wed, 19 Nov 2003 13:04] | [football] | #

New Club 18-30 resort

From a press release seen earlier today

Club 18-30 are proud to announce a new party destination for fun times in the sun. Our new Carribean resort shared with a well known American organisation combines sun, sea, sand, plus all the traditional 18-30 holiday excitement and much much more in a picturesque location in Cuba.

The resort features a bigger dance cage than seen in any club in Ibiza, the fun will just keep on coming.

Wow, shame I'm too old, sounds like a lot of fun though!

[Wed, 19 Nov 2003 10:21] | [rants] | #

So near, but so far...

Small picture of the Motorola A920

I've posted a short article on Mobitopia about the Motorola A920. I just so want to like this phone which is really strange as I've never liked Motorola phones (loathed them even), but there's just a few resolvable things holding me back from getting one.

When you think about this phone, it could have been the killer 3G phone but instead it's a sad clunky eunuch of a device, damn that's just too frustrating...

[Mon, 17 Nov 2003 13:09] | [mobile] | #

LOAFing around

LOAF project badge

I've been a supporter of the LOAF project for quite some time, and I'm proud to say that this weblog is now LOAF compliant.

I've also integrated LOAF into my Foaf file, and I've a couple of other implementations of LOAF in the pipeline. Cool tech!

[Sun, 16 Nov 2003 08:18] | [LOAF] | #

Smelly Shoes?

Chelly Mhoes sign

Gratuitous post for colleagues en vacance. The much pondered shop opposite the office in deepest Bromley has finally de-cloaked and been revealed as a "Shoe Boutique". I suspect this means that German para boots are not in stock.

We're still puzzled as to how to pronounce Chelly Mhoes, the ligature that's been added to the sign to reduce the poor kerning between the "M" and "hoes" probably means that Chelly Em-hose wasn't the correct pronunciation. Also it is still unknown as to whether Chelly Mhoes is a (bad) Spoonerism for Smelly Shoes...

[Wed, 12 Nov 2003 13:46] | [comedy] | #

More traffic, less sense?

I've been after more traffic for this blog for a while, hell any blogger who says he doesn't get a little glow of satisfaction after seeing his stats increase is either lying or embarrassed about their content.

Harry hits the nail on the head about most of the so-called warbloggers, their strategy seems to be entirely based upon hyperbole. Think of a bunch of drunken racists each trying to out-brag or out-shout each other and you'll get close.

Perhaps unusually I rarely read any of these people, although I suspect I'm far from alone. There are ways to build more traffic, shouting and saying outrageous things may be initially gratifying (and sometimes a bloody relief to be able to let off steam), but do I really want to turn into Howard Stern? Do I want that sort of readership?

My answer to that is no. I'm going to keep doing what I've been doing, and try to stay focussed on writing better and providing useful content. Most of all I want a blog that I'm not ashamed of, if in doubt I'll re-read Edd's post about intellectual honesty.

[Wed, 12 Nov 2003 12:45] | [blogging] | #

Jim Hughes
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