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E61 Setup

The Nokia E61 is quite a funky device, here's some rough notes on how to get yourself up and running with it.



Tips and tricks

Gustaf: how to connect to a private Fon router

Here's how I got WLAN working with the Fonera's private node.

The problem was that I simply couldn't connect, event though I had the correct password set. Googling turned up a tip, which seems to work.

First, you can't create an access point directly from the WLAN discovery tool (Menu -> Connectivity -> Conn. mgr. -> Availab. WLAN) if the access point is encrypted. You have to go into Menu -> Tools -> Settings -> Connection -> Access points and define a new one there.

Now, according to this post, the Fonera uses one transmitter and quickly switches between the 2 SSIDs it broadcasts. By turning off the automatic power save in the E61, you can "lock" it to the SSID you want (which is the private one, in my case).

Turn off the power save like this:

Menu -> Tools -> Settings -> Connection -> Wireless LAN

Press Options and choose Advances settings. You'll get a warning, which I duly read and noted. Continue, and choose to disable the Power saving feature.

Note that this will probably drain your battery if you use it for push email etc.

Jim: Google Maps footnote

I was reading one of Ian Rankin's Rebus books the other day, it makes a lot more sense when you have the book in one hand and the Google Maps app (pointed at Edinburgh) on the E61 in the other, hurrah for WiFi!

E61 Gripes

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