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Mobile Radio

BBC Streams - Via the splendid dave.org.uk

Yeah, I know I shouldn't have direct links to the streams here, but I can't get a mobile browser (on a Nokia E61) to cope with Dave's pages, so expect the rtsp links to not work sometimes.

Radio Paradise

Soma FM - background info

yet more feeds (wml page)

This is a quick page with a few links to some mobile friendly radio stations, I've not tried all these links, so caveat listener. Beware the potential bandwidth risks! Background info: Nokia's S60 Internet Radio app, turn your 3650 into a radio, and Streaming Internet Radio for Windows Mobile.

Also, typical PSP Video 9 setup for QVGA via Ewan of The PSP Show:

The bit rate can be dropped to 64kbps if you're super tight on space.

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