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Motorola MOTORIZR Z8

Wow, the Motorola Sendorola actually happened! Motorola's latest UIQ phone, and the first UIQ 3.1 phone to be announced, it has also been called Sendo's first UIQ phone! It's a horrible name that's for sure, but beyond that we've got an interesting device, it's also the first UIQ phone without a touch screen.

The slider format is reminiscent of Nokia's classic 8110 banana phone (will we see that model number revived too?) and brings a face hugging pocket friendly form factor. The black and lime green colour scheme is only one of range, keep your fingers crossed for alternatives more tasteful than Chav-ette RAZR-pink.


Andrew Orlowski's E90 comparison isn't entirely fair, as the RIZR Z8 is aimed at an entirely different market, but in many ways it's a very pertinent piece of commentary. The E90 has more bells and whistles than the average samba band, but is it a good phone? The RIZR Z8 has all the ingredients to be a very big seller, and on the face of it matches its closest competitors the Nokia N73, Nokia E65, and Nokia N80 blow for blow. This could be a very interesting competition.

Specification summary:

There are many other UIQ Phones, and UIQ Getting Started should help you get going with one.

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