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Nokia 3650

The first seriously popular S60 phone, the Nokia 3650 brought S60 into the hoi polloi's view for the first time. Featuring an unusual circular keypad it also puzzled many, although in usage the keypad proved to be far better than a traditional layout for normal phone usage. Hint: Normal usage features far more 2 thumbed texting and menu navigation than numeric entry.

Due to negative publicity, Nokia re-introduced a traditional style keypad on the 3660, which ironically was uglier and less usable than the "rotary style" original.

The 3600 and 3620 are dual-band (850/1900) US-only frequency versions of the tri-band (900/1800/1900) 3650 and 3660.

There are other Specific Phones in the S60 range, with a wide variety of Must Have Apps.

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