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Nokia 5500 Sport

Small and cute, but not hugely feature-filled the Nokia 5500 Sport is certainly interesting. Nokia are pushing this as the ideal phone for the active lifestyle, but perhaps it also fills the niche of a "low-end" device for weekends, handbags, or kids.


One of the fun things the 5500 does is use the accelerometer for a tap based interface, e.g. to skip to the next song tap it twice on the right side. To listen the previous song, tap it twice on the left side. Nice spot by the Mobiface guys. There is also a 5500 Sport Music edition with a revised colour scheme and with a bundled 512MB MicroSD card, bicycle mounting, fitness carrying strap and sporting headphones (more on MobileBurn).

Specification summary:

As ever there are many other Specific Phones in the S60 range.

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