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Nokia 6120 Classic

Announced 17th April 2007, this cute looking candybar phone was one of Nokia's top selling S60 devices. It's successor appears to be the Nokia 6220 (announced Feb 2008, due to ship Q3 2008).

Nokia say "the 6120 Classic gives you more time for the important things in life", that's a nice sound bite.

The specifications of the 6120 are very similar to that of the Nokia 6110 Navigator. The 6120 is another classic Nokia device name that is being recycled. The original 6120 was a TDMA Analog version of the 6110.

At first sight the 6120 appears to be missing the standard S60 edit key (the pencil), as the Symbian-Guru has noticed. For some of the recent S60 phones the edit key functionality is accessed via the # key, which must be pressed and held to select text. The 6120 uses this action.

There is also a sister device, the Nokia 6121 Classic which is identical apart from WCDMA at 900 MHz instead of 850 MHz - AAS - 6121 details

Specification summary

There are plenty of other Specific Phones in the S60, Nokia Eseries, and Nokia Nseries ranges.

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