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Nokia 6260

Created for the un-washed masses, or Americans or something, the Nokia 6260 is Nokia's first Series 60 flippy/flappy phone.

Pretty underwhelming and almost as vast as two 6600s with a hinge, the only serious redeeming feature being the oddly positioned camera which faces sideways from the lower section. It's maybe good for snapping babes on the beach or more seriously for proving that industrial espionage with a vga camera phone is a non-starter, no matter how subtle the camera positioning may be.

All About Series 60 has the specs and a thorough review. The Symbian Wiki has a good 6260 summary.

There are better Series 60 phones on the Specific Phones pages. If for some weird reason you are a fan of flippy/flappy phones the Panasonic X700, Panasonic X800, or Nokia N90 would be a better bet. The Nokia N75 or Nokia 6290 are probably the best current S60 flip phones.

If you're the sort of person that avoids "candy-bar" phones because locking the keypad is too onerous, why not try AutoLock, an automatic keypad lock program?

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