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Nokia 6680

The Nokia 6680 is the successor to the Nokia 6630 (despite the numbering the 6680 is a UMTS/EDGE/GSM phone, unlike the GSM only Nokia 6670), the 6680 has similar specifications to the Nokia 6630 but looks a little more like the Nokia 3230 or the Sony Ericsson K700 feature phone. Like the 6630 it uses S60 2nd Edition, Feature Pack 2.

One feature the 6680 gains over the 6630 is the second camera (pointing at the user). Whilst video phoning has proved to be a complete flop on most 3G networks, this still appears to be a feature that a 3G phone "has to have". The 6680 thus manages to "tick this box", even if the second camera (VGA unlike the 1.3 megapixel main camera) is liable to remain unused by most 6680 owners.

In addition to the second camera, many of the firmware bugs that bedevilled early 6630s have been ironed out in the 6680. However, like the 6630 the 6680 has insufficient internal ram for many power users. Similar to the 6630, the 6680 is sold as a branded Vodafone model in the Japanese market, The 6680 is sold as the Vodafone 702NKII by Vodafone K.K.

To cater for the parts of the world lagging behind on the global 3G rollout, there are also the 6681 and 6682 models. These miss out on the second camera (video calls on UMTS are poor enough, over a lower bandwidth link they'd be pointless) and work over GSM/EDGE rather than WCDMA networks, but otherwise appear identical to the 6680. The 6681 is the World model (900/1800/1900MHz), and the 6682 is US orientated (850/1800/1900MHz).

Ever wondered what the phone shown on Virgin Radio's 3G Radio Player page is? It's the Nokia 6681, and it's not quite as tiny as that picture implies! Despite the 6680/6681/6682 being widely touted as the smallest ever S60 phone, the Sendo X2 is smaller still.

The Nokia N70 is the 6680's successor; looking similar to the 6680, but with a more memory, a better camera and FM radio, the N70 is a worthwhile update

Some early 6680s had faulty RS-MMC memory cards, Nokia Service Bulletin SB-012/04.07.05 describes how to spot an RS-MMC from the faulty batch, also detailed here.

Specification Summary

There are other Specific Phones in the S60 range.

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