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Nokia E60

The Nokia E60 is perhaps the meekest looking of the three initial Nokia Eseries phones (E60, E61 and E70), but that doesn't stop it being one hell of a smartphone.

Shipping from April 2006 the E60 features the following connectivity capabilities:

The phone also features the high resolution screen (352 x 416 pixel) first seen in the Nokia N90, and Symbian OS 9.1, Series 60 3rd edition. An odd omission is the camera, some businesses get up-tight about cameras on phones, but I've seen them used usefully many times in business situations, here's a typical example. Being able to rotate the device 90 degrees for landscape use should make reading email and long documents more comfortable, it's also rather handy for watching movies! If the E60 is a tad too feature-filled and bulky, why not look at its little brother, the Nokia E50?


There are other Specific Phones in the Nokia Eseries and Series 60 ranges.

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