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Nokia E62

The Nokia E62 is a cut down Nokia E61 for the American market. It has had various functionality removed, no WiFi, no 3G, and possibly even less enterprise mail capabilities.

All rather curious considering that the E61 is quad band and hence quite capable in the globally. Whether the dumbed-down E62 specification is due to operator demands or plain cost-cutting - no 3G, no Qualcomm license fee; no WiFi, lower BoM; no Blackberry email, no RIM-tax - the reasoning is difficult to tell, perhaps it is a mixture of all these factors. One minor advantage of the E62 is that the it has mini-usb and 3.5mm headphone sockets instead of the E61's pop-port.

The E62 has been superseded by the Nokia E71.

Cingular are the ideal operator to carry the E62 given their existing track record of hamstrung S60 phones, and finally started making the Nokia E62 available for Cingular customers from US$150 (on contract) in September 2006. Given that delay and pricing, I'd buy the E61 which is better equipped and not much more expensive. However, either phone looks like a more attractive proposition than the Motorola Q with its crap keypad.


There are plenty of other Specific Phones in the Series 60, Nokia Eseries, and Nokia Nseries ranges.

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