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Nokia E65

Announced 12th February 2007 at 3GSM along with the E61i, E90, N77, and 6110, the E65 is the first Nokia Eseries device in slider format. The E65 has FCC approval, and the phone is also nice and slender like the Nokia N95 rather than the chunky Nokia N80.

The E65 has been superseded by the Nokia E66.


As the E65 has a camera, how does this device differentiate itself from the multimedia oriented N80 and N95? The answer seems to be all the Enterprise related features enhanced for voice usage, with the additional keys around the d-pad oriented to business phone usage (conference, my own, mute, and contacts), and the VoIP capabilities. The E65 also features all the email capabilities of the other Nokia Eseries devices.

Specification Summary

There are other Specific Phones in the Nokia Eseries and S60 ranges.

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