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Nokia Eseries

Nokia are calling this range of business orientated phones the Eseries, and given their heavy pushing of Nokia Nseries brand I can see the same happening for the Eseries.

E is for Enterprise, we're talking business phones here, devices for the road warrior and the desk bound. WCDMA (or GSM) for out of the office use, and WLAN (Wi-Fi and VOIP) for those stuck in the office.

The Nokia E50 is rather like a business oriented S60 version of the popular 6230i, perhaps it's the final reason to ditch all of those elderly 6310s.

The Nokia E51 is the E50's successor with more features, looking rather like a slimmer version of the popular Nokia 6120.

The Nokia E52 supersedes the E51, with incrementally better specification levels

The Nokia E55 rather like a thinner E51 with a funny keyboard.

The Nokia E60 is the plain-jane, the office junior perhaps, somewhat akin to the Nokia N70's tentative toe in the Nseries water.

The Nokia E61 is unashamably a Blackberry look-alike (a Blackberry killer?), with a qwerty keypad under the landscape oriented display. The feature-reduced US model the Nokia E62, is rather less interesting, but cheaper. The facelifted Nokia E61i model improves on the original in a number of subtle but useful ways.

The Nokia E63 is a consumer friendly, slightly lower-specced, and more affordable variant of the Nokia E71.

The Nokia E65 is the first slider format Eseries device, bringing all the usual Eseries goodies in a slim pocket-friendly package.

The Nokia E66 is the Nokia E65's successor, packing yet more into a slim sliding package.

The Nokia E70 is the Nokia 6822 done properly (why did they have a proper keyboard on a dumb phone?), with a fold-out qwerty keyboard as "wings" around a gorgeous looking screen. It's certainly an ideal looking device for techies, and the the serious email maven.

The Nokia E71 takes all the goodies from the Nokia E61i and packages it into a smaller, sexier handset, whilst adding a gps, a 3.2 megapixel camera and vastly updated software. There is also the similar but AT&T specific Nokia E71x model.

The Nokia E75 is dual personality, candybar like the E51, with a side sliding qwerty keyboard.

The Nokia E90 is the device for the long time communicator user, a sizeable qwerty keyboard and huge screen make this a very desirable device for computing on the move.

What's the big deal about WLAN? How about:

Companies deploying an Avaya or Cisco IP PBX can connect the
new Nokia devices directly to their corporate phone networks,
enabling functions employees have come to expect from a
corporate network like four-digit dialing and assisted
call answering.

Welcome to quality VOIP on your mobile phone, phones that roam onto your corporate WLAN when in the office, who needs a desk phone anymore? So E is for Enterprise?

One last mad thought, as you can use the Bluetooth, WLAN, WCDMA, and USB all at once, does this make the E60 the world's smallest router? Want an ad-hoc internet connection for your team at a show? Simple, use an E60...

There are also other Specific Phones in the S60 range.

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