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Nokia N73

This phone was announced 25th April 2006 in Berlin at Open Studio, along with the Nokia N72 and Nokia N93.

The N73 is the obvious successor to the Nokia N70, with similar specification levels to the Nokia N80 but in a candybar format. The only major omission in the N73's specification list is WiFi. The N73 is the current state-of-the-art S60 everyday phone. It is not a specialist device like say the Nokia N91, Nokia N92 or Nokia N93, but something that will take the fight to SonyEricsson and move well past their W800/K750 range.


Specification summary:

It's not tiny, but bear in mind that the N73 is smaller than the supposedly slender RAZR V3x (99 x 53 x 20mm 125g) in all dimensions other than length! In a straight fight between the N80 and the N73, I'd just take the N73, but the N80's WiFi might win out for some people. The N73 Music edition is the same device, but in black and with more bundled accessories (2GB miniSD card and pop-port to 3.5mm headphone adaptor). How to update your firmware to Music Edition - beware, you my break your phone if this goes wrong...

US/Japan models

There's a continuing theme that the US get second-rate dumbed-down S60 phones, and this theme continues with the N73 The US versions of the N73 (the N73-5 and N73-6) lose the WCDMA support and the user facing camera - full details from Tarek. The N73 is also shipping in Japan on Softbank Mobile (from Jan 2007) branded as the Nokia N73 (SoftBank 705NK).

There are plenty of other Specific Phones in the S60, Nokia Eseries and Nokia Nseries ranges.

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