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Nokia N75

Launched on the 26th September 2006 at Nokia Open Studio 2006 along with the Nokia N95 and some music oriented updates to the Nokia N70, Nokia N73, and Nokia N91.

The Nokia N75 is a US focussed "multimedia computer" - Nokia have decided to abolish using the term phone, although they will admit their multimedia computers have telephony features!

With the N75, Nokia have taken the fight the RAZR on its home turf and beat it hands down on specifications. Whilst the N75 is nothing special as Nokia Nseries device, it beats the RAZR feature-phone by a significant distance in any measurable specification. The N75 is not unlike the Nokia N71 in format and specifications, and is the fifth clamshell Nseries device announced, after the N71, N90, N92, and N93. The slightly smaller Nokia 6290 has a similar feature set to the N75, and is aimed for use on for European/Asian 3G frequency bands. The Nokia N76 also has a very similar specification in a slimmer package.

The N75 is available on Cingular, so watch out for the Cingular limitations mentioned in Symbian Guru's review - how stupid are Cingular? I guess that's self-evident...


Specification summary

There are plenty of other Specific Phones in the S60, Nokia Eseries, and Nokia Nseries ranges.

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