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Nokia N90

Think 3G Nokia 6260 with 2 megapixel camera, and high resolution 352x416 screen (four times as many pixels as the usual Series 60 resolution of 176x208) and you'll have a good idea of what the Nokia N90 looks like.

My view, it's a flip, it's silver, it's vast, yawn. Then again, Christian Lindholm seems to love it. Will it become an iconic device as Christian suggests? Or will Rui's observations of "entirely too many hinges to be something I'd consider usable with a single hand" put off the users? I suspect the latter.

The screen is gorgeous, but other than that I can't get excited about the N90. If you're a flip fan it might be your sort of phone. But, I'm afraid it's not for me, and it's also getting old now. The Nokia N93 is the obvious successor to the N90, at first glance the N93 is not much bigger, and the N93's camera performance is significantly better than the N90.

There are other Specific Phones in the S60 and Nokia Nseries ranges, and if your sole reason for avoiding "candy-bar" phones is that locking the keypad is too onerous, why not try AutoLock, an automatic keypad lock program?

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