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Nokia N91

What can I say, this device rocks! There was me getting excited about the Sendo X2 and then the Nokia N91 moves the goalposts to a whole new planet.

When you consider that Nokia shipped more Series 60 phones in Q4 2005 than Apple shipped iPods, Apple have to take seriously the threat to their business. Sure the N91 didn't due to ship until the first week of April 2006 in Europe, (it was earlier rumoured to be available in March), but the specifications make the iPod nano look like a childs' toy.

If the 4 or 8 GB hard disk, MP3 and AAC playback, FM stereo Radio (with Visual Radio), UPnP, and WiFi alone make the iPod look pale, then add in a 3G phone with 2 megapixel camera and all the usual S60 goodies. Can you surf the web, email, IM and irc from your iPod?

Amongst the N91's claims to fame is that this is the first phone to be announced with version 9 of the Symbian operating system, but is it better than the Walkman branded Sony Ericsson W950?


Something to bear in mind when shopping for the N91 is that as Darla points out there are at least four variants of the N91, two of which don't have WiFi, these are the:

  1. N91-1 WCDMA + WIFI (APAC, Europe, Africa, US, SA etc) Light blue and Dark grey depending on where you live.
  2. N91 GSM, no WIFI (for China mainland PRC) Dark Grey
  3. N91-5 GSM, no WIFI (for APAC) Light Blue
  4. N91 8GB edition - which gains a bigger disk and the Bluetooth A2DP profile for stereo headsets. Black

There are other Specific Phones in the S60 and Nokia Nseries ranges, but most won't make you say "Wow!" quite so loudly.

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