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Nokia N95 - classic

This page concentrates on the classic Nokia N95 Nseries phone launched 26 September 2006 at Nokia Open Studio 2006 along with the Nokia N75 and some music oriented updates to the Nokia N70, Nokia N73, and Nokia N91.

For the more recent Nokia N95 8GB and Nokia N95 US variants please see their pages.

The Nokia N95 is quite a showstopper, with pretty much all the fanboys' predicted specifications and then some. Is it just me, or does the N95 make it look like the other phone manufacturers aren't trying?

If you're interested in the SIP/VOIP capabilities one thing to check is that your phone has not been crippled by your operator. Orange and Vodafone are doing this in UK, as they have also done at times with the Nokia E61 and E65 - Tarek has some useful background on this, and El Reg have a wooly explanation from Vodafone. Plus, further analysis from MobHappy.


Spec summary:

There are plenty of other Specific Phones in the S60, Nokia Eseries and Nokia Nseries ranges.

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