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Nokia N95 US

This page concentrates on the North American variant of the Nokia N95 Nseries phone.

For the Nokia N95 classic and Nokia N95 8GB variants please see their pages.

The Nokia N95 US fixes a number of the original N95's niggles with a larger battery and more memory, however due to the perversity of the FCC's frequency allocation strategy, the 3G frequencies supported by the N95 US are only useful on AT&T's network. There is some ongoing speculation that the patent dispute between Qualcomm and Nokia is restricting Nokia's ability to provide multi-band UMTS devices. For trivia lovers Nokia label this device as the N95-3, the original model is the N95-1 and the Nokia N95 8GB is the N95-2. The N95 US is available in a range of colours, personally the red looks rather interesting.


Specification summary:

There are plenty of other Specific Phones in the S60, Nokia Eseries and Nokia Nseries ranges.

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