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S60 Getting Started

So you've got a new shiny Symbian S60 phone and you don't know what you can do with it? Of course if you've got one of the UIQ Phones you really ought to start at my UIQ Getting Started page.

These are the resources that I point people to:

The majority of the applications mentioned will work on any S60 device, so a tip for the 6630 will generally also apply to the 3650, N-Gage, SX-1, 6680, or any of the other Specific Phones in the S60 family. Series 60 Tips and Tricks covers some useful things to get the most from your S60 phone. One thing to watch for is that applications for S60 release 3 (most Nseries, Eseries and 2006 onwards releases) will not work on S60 release 1 or 2 phones (and vice versa), due to a change in binary format for release 3; the phone specifications on Specific Phones should indicate the appropriate S60 release.

For GPRS settings, it's generally far simpler to use the automated services provided by the phone manufacturers' sites, Nokia's for instance will SMS the correct settings for your phone and network to you, which is far less error prone than entering them by hand. See also the Nokia USA Configurator.

The Must Have Apps are listed in these articles, I'd also strongly recommend getting a Bluetooth dongle for your PC, Jon's Bluetooth guide is certainly the most comprehensive article on setting up this device that I've seen and used. Sadly, however the Widcomm driver update and setup section has been culled by lawyers. The Widcomm drivers supplied with most Bluetooth devices are generally woefully out of date (and buggy) and there rarely appears to be an upgrade path to more recent versions, if possible avoid these drivers.

This generic guide for setting up a Windows PC to use any Bluetooth mobile as a GPRS modem is handy too. There also are a number of other useful sites for Symbian Information.

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