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Samsung SGH-D730

Samsung's wild voyage into Symbian waters continues, with this their fourth Series 60 phone, a Panasonic X700 style flip phone rather like their original Samsung SGH-D700, a different form factor to the slider D710 and D720 models. When this phone ships (the D700 and D710 never hit the shops, and the D720 has been too quiet for too long), I'll add some further details here, in the meantime buy something else.

There are rumours of this phone shipping on Vodafone in Germany in Q3-Q4 2005.

Series60.com are carrying sketchy details of the D730. At first glance it doesn't appear to offer anything significantly better than say a Nokia 7610 or Panasonic X700 and both of those have been on the streets since 2004.

There are many other Specific Phones in the Series 60 range which you can actually buy today.

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