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Samsung SGH-i520

Samsung launched the SGH-i520 S60 smartphone at The Smartphone Show 2006. The phone runs Symbian 9.2 and S60 3rd Edition Feature Pack 1. It has a QVGA screen, supports HSDPA connectivity and comes in a slim sliding form factor.

This is the first Samsung phone to use Symbian OS 9 and the first phone outside Nokia to use S60 3rd Edition. Samsung has previously produced three publicly available S60 phones, but the i520 looks set to be among the most advanced S60 phones available. Outside of the Japanese market it is the second Symbian phone (after the Nokia N95) to be announced with 3.5G (HSDPA) connectivity. Interesting times, no?

The SGH-i520 is due to ship in a number of European markets from May 2007 with Vodafone branding - AAS background info. Am I the only one who finds the feature sets of the LG K10 and the i520 surprisingly similar?

Specification summary:

There are other Specific Phones in the S60 range.

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