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Sendo X2

With Sendo's descent into administration and subsequent partial buyout by Motorola the Sendo X2 will never make it to market, which is a bloody shame.

The X2 was to be Sendo's flagship phone, if the Sendo X was previously the best S60 1.2 phone (N-Gage, 3650, SX1 etc.) then the Sendo X2 would have taken that crown. Announced at 3GSM in Feb 2005, the X2 was fully featured and also the smallest S60 phone to date. Surprisingly the X2 did not use S60 2.0 (as in the 6600, 7610, 6670, X700 etc), but with Sendo's experience in adding plenty of functionality to S60 1.2 in the X, sticking with the tried and tested 1.2 was a smart move for a small company.

If the phone had shipped on time (eta Summer 2005), then it was likely to be the summer's top GSM phone, especially with the Panasonic X800, Nokia 3230 and 6681 being a little underwhelming. Come Christmas time though, and Nokia's astonishing N91 might have made the X2 look a little lightweight, but if you think of the X2 as the Nano to the N91's iPod and you could see that it could still have carved out a significant niche.

In the mean time Motorola shipped the ROKR, the so-called iPod phone, a feature-phone with very limited functionality and capabilities; the X2 would have eaten this for breakfast. Even Apple's eventual release of the Apple iPhone in the summer of 2007 offered little more (and less in many ways) than the Sendo X2.

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