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Siemens SX1

The Siemens SX1 was the first non-Nokia Series 60 phone to reach market. Known by some as Sexy One due to its sophisticated appearance, the unusual keypad layout (a column of buttons either side of the display) put off some potential buyers. As with the Nokia 3650 this innovative layout is not in practise a significant hindrance to phone usage, single handed usage is a little awkward but two thumbed operation is much faster than a conventional keypad.

The build quality of these phones seems higher than equivalent Nokia devices, and the limited edition red and black models (motor racing themed for the Mille Miglia and McLaren) are highly sought after. The SX1 featured an FM radio and a hot-swappable MMC long before Nokia introduced a device with these features. The SX1 is very well specified in comparison to the Nokia practise of leaving out useful features to pigeonhole phones into different market sectors. The SX1 also has user upgradable firmware.

It is currently Siemens' only announced Symbian device, but they remain a licensee even after their buyout by BenQ, and we hope future Symbian devices from Siemens will be just as innovative.

There are other Specific Phones available on the Series 60 platform.

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