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Sony Ericsson P1

Out of the jumble of "is it the Sony Ericsson M610?" or "is it the Sony Ericsson P700?" comes the Sony Ericsson P1i. Announced 8th May 2007.

The Sony Ericsson P1 is the fifth in the P-series, following from the Sony Ericsson P800, P900, P910, and P990. The P1 was code-named Elena prior to launch.

It's the logical successor to the Sony Ericsson P990, the slimmer form factor and slightly better feature set should make this phone more appealing to the public than the bulkier Sony Ericsson P990. It's also better equipped to directly compete with the Nokia E61 and E61i than the Sony Ericsson M600. The P1 is probably the ideal phone to try at the flagship Sony Ericsson London Store.


Specification summary

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