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Sony Ericsson P990

The Sony Ericsson P990 is the fourth in the P-series, following from the Sony Ericsson P800, P900 and P910. The P990 is now available from the Sony Ericsson site. The phone was code-named Hermione prior to its launch. It is arguably succeeded by the similarly specified Sony Ericsson P1.

Release countdown

The BIG question is have Sony Ericsson left it too late with their killer phone? Phones like the K800i and the Nokia N80 and N93 already boast superior features (3.2MP cameras and/or 802.11g connectivity); is the P990 going to be enough? Plus point for the P990: the nasty flip is removable. Minus points: the QWERTY pad is just as fugly as the flip.

The countdown to the initial SIM-free release has been archived here: P990ReleaseCountdown. The networks are being slow to release the phone on contract, apparently due to initial problems with push email and general beta state of the handset (memory leaks, crashes etc). A firmware upgrade on the 20th of August seems to have resolved most of those problems, so the networks should restart their verification shortly. The following are our best guesses at the release dates on UK networks:

Note that some places are also selling SIM-free phones with O2, Orange, and Vodafone contracts. You may want to check out the following if you are after a P990 now :

Note: We are not affiliated with any of the above and place no guarantee on accuracy.

Getting your questions answered

The best places to start if you have a question with your P990 (and most phones) are the online forums. Here are a few we find useful:

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Software & Support

Latest firmware


Outlook/Exchange and Email



There are many other UIQ Phones, and UIQ Getting Started should help you get going with one.

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