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Sony Ericsson W950

The Sony Ericsson W950 is the first Walkman branded Symbian phone. Looking like a funkier M600, the W950 takes the mobile music player fight to the Nokia N91 with a similar amount of space to store tunes (4GB), but Sony Ericsson have gone for flash memory rather than a hard drive, so power consumption and noise levels should be lower, and the W950 is also a bit lighter in the pocket than the chunky N91. The missing camera may cost the W950 a few sales though. The upcoming Sony Ericsson W960 remedies many of the W950's perceived shortcomings.

There is also the W958c targeted exclusively at the Mainland China market - Sony Ericsson have apparently cancelled the previously announced Chinese version of the W950 model, the W950c. The W958c does not have UMTS support.


Specification summary:

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