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Specific Phones

Here are the various Symbian phones that have been announced or released so far - rumoured new phones can be found on the Vapour Ware page. UIQ devices are listed on the UIQ Phones page.

@@ Todo Yes, I know a lot of the phone pictures have gone missing. They were sourced from the near-dead S60.com and Symbian.com I'm slowly finding alternatives. I'm currently recategorising all of these devices under their various Symbian families (Symbian^n S60 & UIQ), please bear with me.

Symbian^3 Phones

Symbian^2 Phones

No Symbian^2 phones have been released outside Japan, although various Symbian^2 features have been back-ported into many of the Symbian^1 phones.

Symbian^1 Phones

Other Symbian Phones

TODO - Categorize this lot!

S60 Phones

All About Symbian have a brief overview of all the early S60 devices. Steve Litchfield has a handy comparison table for all S60 phones, Forum Nokia provide tables of video, audio and streaming capabilities, and S60.com also has a very useful overview page of all the S60 devices.

The S60 Getting Started page on this wiki aims to provide pointers for S60 users on how to do more with their phones and how to find solutions for common queries and problems. The Must Have Apps page lists some of the best loved and most useful S60 applications. Series 60 Tips and Tricks covers some useful ways to get the most from your S60 phone.

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