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Recently announced, the following S60, Nseries, Eseries, and UIQ Phones are no longer Vapourware:

The following S60 and UIQ Phones have not been publicly announced yet, currently at best we have leaked photos, guessed specifications or even less detail.

The following are unlikely to ship as currently specified for various reasons:

And finally for sheer comedy value, you can't beat the Apple iPhone...

The following pages are only placeholders:

Nokia Eseries phones: Nokia E53, Nokia E64, Nokia E67, Nokia E72, Nokia E77, Nokia E81, Nokia E91

Nokia Nseries phones: Nokia N50, Nokia N60, Nokia N74, Nokia N84, Nokia N87, Nokia N89, Nokia N94, Nokia N98

There are plenty of other Specific Phones in the S60, Nokia Eseries, and Nokia Nseries ranges that are actually shipping.

@@ check and add placeholders, update all vapourware pages to current dates where feasible

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